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HxGN EAM can help service providers track all the costs incurred for services delivered to their customers. This includes maintenance costs, but also costs for fuel consumption, equipment usage, such as, in the form of miles or hours, rent or lease and utility charges. These costs are then automatically included on periodically generated invoices for customers.

Module features

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Customer Contracts

Intended for long term contracts where invoices are generated throughout the contract period on a regular basis. Think of the lease or rental of equipment for the next two years or a maintenance contract for equipment for the next year.

With Customer Contracts, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Define what costs must be charged and at what rates

  • Define the equipment, projects and work orders that compromise the contract

  • Define the frequency of invoicing

Rental Contracts

Intended for short term rental of equipment where the equipment is issued out to the customer for a period. Upon return of the equipment the customer will be invoiced for the usage period, miles or kilometers or any other unit of measure selected and for other one-time charges. Invoicing is immediate at closing of the rental contract.

Contract Templates

Quickly create customer contracts or rental contracts based on pre-defined contract templates. Templates include all the charge definitions relevant for the actual contracts and therefore support fast entry and consistency.


Adjustments can be applied to both a customer contract and a rental contract. Examples are extra cleaning or repair after a vehicle rental or a credit because a customer has disputed a charge that was invoiced.


You can define all customers to which you provide services and with which you may have a contract.

Customer Invoices

Customer Invoices are automatically populated by the invoicing process. Invoices can be verified, and invoice quantities and amounts can be altered, if needed, before approving the invoice and submitting it to your customer.

Invoicing Process

The invoicing process is a daily process that automatically generates invoices for all contracts that have invoices due. The process handles both customer contracts and rental contracts.