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The administration module is the foundation of HxGN EAM and is a prerequisite to the functionality of all other modules. Your system administrator utilizes the administration module to configure HxGN EAM to suit the specific needs of your company. The system administrator can define and maintain virtually all aspects of the system such as user access, system-wide defaults, and the content and format of functions and forms.

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System Administration and Configuration

The system administrator can manage, configure, and control access to HxGN EAM to meet the needs of your organization. Extensively configure HxGN EAM at the system, module, and/or function level to meet industry and operational requirements. As business processes and environments evolve, HxGN EAM allows you to redefine established configurations to suit the changing needs of your organization. Specifically, the administrator can define and maintain the following administration module functions:

  • User access, identity, and organization

  • User groups with common requirements

  • User group functions (security) and actions (financial limits, status changes)

  • Sequenced status codes for each user group (work orders and purchase orders) and the allowable transitions between them

  • System-wide default settings such as language, currency, and unit of measure

  • Configuration manager

  • Extensible Framework

  • Web Service prompt engine

  • Data Import utility from Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets

  • Personnel filters on lists of values for various functions

  • Access to and characteristics of devices, such as printers

  • Grid designer

  • Screens, reports, icons, messages, codes, descriptions, buttons, colors, and abbreviations

  • Help text and error messages

  • Organization, Department, and field level security

  • Language Studio

  • Custom screen and custom tab studio

  • FISMA and 508 compliance

  • LDAP and SSO support


HxGN EAM supports HTML5 in standard Internet browsers: Apple Safari®, Microsoft Internet Explorer®, and Google Chrome®.

Document Attachments

HxGN EAM supports a full range of multimedia formats. You can attach Word files, spreadsheets, graphic images, or audio and video clips to HxGN EAM records, such as work orders. HxGN EAM can display multimedia documents at any time.

Reporting Capability

The extensive reporting capability of HxGN EAM provides an easy way to use and tailor HxGN EAM reports to meet your specific needs. Define new reports or launch reports from other applications, such as Oracle® Reports, Microsoft Access®, Oracle Discoverer. Print, send via e-mail, or save reports as files and choose from a variety of e-mail or file types, such as MAIL ID, HTML, or PDF.

Excel Integration

HxGN EAM supports direct data export to Microsoft Excel®.


Easily configure system navigation to the authorities, permissions, and needs of an individual user or user group. Configured menus and toolbars provide a simplified system view suited to the requirements of your teams.


HxGN EAM provides online help throughout the system. User manuals are also available in Adobe Acrobat® Portable Document Format (.PDF), directly from the HxGN EAM Help menu, or from the installation CD.

Workload Inbox and Balanced Scorecard

The workload inbox displays a user-specific list of pending actions or activities, such as requisitions awaiting approval. The user can call functions to complete the activities directly from the inbox. You can assign inbox entries to specific user groups or to all users, providing a customized listing for each user.

The balanced scorecard displays key performance indicators (KPIs), user-defined parameters that measure productivity or efficiency, and scores on the home page. With the user-defined scorecard, users can view the status of their specific work environment using an easy-to-read graphical interface, which allows them to monitor performance.

Multi-organization Security/ Multi-currency

With the HxGN EAM multi-organization security (MOS) and multi-currency features, you can create multiple secured databases (organizations) while maintaining one physical database. Assign users to one or more organizations and then assign different roles, security levels, and approval limits for each organization. Users can view and influence "common" data (information accessible by all users regardless of organization) and the data of the organizations of which they are members.

The HxGN EAM multiple currency feature, used only in conjunction with MOS, allows each organization to use a different base currency.

Export HxGN EAM Records

Export records to a tab-delimited file to extract information from the HxGN EAM database without making an external connection, e.g., from outside HxGN EAM to the database. The tab-delimited file can be viewed using Microsoft Excel or any program that opens .TXT files.

HxGN EAM Messenger

HxGN EAM Messenger is a unique feature that notifies you of changes in the HxGN EAM database. Set up HxGN EAM Messenger to send e-mail messages to specified e-mail recipients whenever a record is inserted, updated, or deleted from the database.