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Calibration Analysis

Displays a list of completed calibration work orders by department that have resulted in the specified minimum number of consecutive or non-consecutive calibration statuses of pass or fail

Calibration Due Report

Displays a list of all open calibration work orders containing test points for which the planned completion date is less than or equal to the Due By date

Calibration Equipment

Displays a list of all equipment that requires calibration and has been configured for calibration. The report includes all equipment that is defined as a loop, instrument, or standard if any one of these requires calibration. Standards are either parts tracked by asset or parts tracked by lot. The system only prints part standards that are tracked by asset, because you do not have to associate a piece of equipment with parts tracked by lot

Calibration History

Displays a list of calibration work order results for calibration work orders for which the completion date falls within the specified start and end date. The results shown for each work order will be related to test points having the greatest deviation from the standard.

Calibration Record Report

Displays a calibration record that includes calibration header information, such as the work order and equipment. The body of the report is printed in a tabular format that includes the loop instruments, test points, standards used, potential standards, work order comments and custom fields, and any equipment custom fields for the calibration work order.

Calibration Reverse Traceability

Displays a list of calibration work orders, including all test points on the work order, for which a selected standard has been used to calibrate a piece of equipment. The completion date of the work orders must fall within the specified start and end date.