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HxGN EAM is a fully Web-architected asset management system that provides unparalleled capability for cost-effective, asset-intensive, and performance-oriented maintenance operations. Configurable and customizable, HxGN EAM is designed to enhance workflow and increase production. HxGN EAM also contributes directly to your company’s profitability by helping ensure that physical assets are maintained properly and efficiently.

HxGN EAM provides users with an intuitive and versatile HTML5 interface for easily accessing the information and functionality that best targets user-specific roles. Because every enterprise comprises a combination of users, HxGN EAM gives customers the choice of full access or limited access for requesting, review and approvals. HxGN EAM delivers an easy-to-use and easy-to-configure zero-footprint web-based interface.

HxGN EAM offers the very best in flexible, powerful, and proven technology.


HxGN EAM is the industry’s first fully Web-architected asset management system. Users access HxGN EAM through a standard Internet browser from anywhere at any time. It minimizes network traffic and eliminates expensive hardware purchases. And because HxGN EAM is built on open Internet standards such as J2EE and XML, it is easy to integrate with other systems.

HxGN EAM is available in international languages to support organizations worldwide. See the latest release notes for a comprehensive list of supported languages.


HxGN EAM offers a suite of powerful features, which includes:

  • A suite of asset management features—from asset hierarchy management, to audit trails, to preventive maintenance, and more

  • The ability to view and manage assets across multiple organizations and in multiple languages and currencies

  • Powerful advanced modules—such as the Work module, the Equipment module, the Materials module, and the Projects module—to allow users to implement a solution that is specific to their organization’s requirements

  • Simple, user interface system administration that minimizes the strain of IT resources

  • Rich analysis and reporting capabilities to help users extract valuable business insight from asset data collected through HxGN EAM

  • A complete secure environment built upon reliable and field-proven technology


HxGN EAM boasts the largest installed base of any enterprise asset management application in its class. By combining a Web architecture with broad asset performance management functionality, customers can benefit from unprecedented visibility into their operations enterprise-wide and facilitate the transfer of best practice.