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Annual Energy Reduction comparison

Print the annual energy reduction comparison report

Annual Energy use

Displays the annual energy usage report for several years as specified in the report parameters

Asset Failure by Service Life

Print the asset failures by service life report

Asset Inventory List

Print asset inventory list

Calibration Equipment

Displays a list of all equipment that requires calibration and has been configured for calibration. The report includes all equipment that is defined as a loop, instrument, or standard if any one of these requires calibration. Additionally, if the equipment tolerance is a percentage rather than an absolute, the system designates the tolerance as a percentage by printing a percent sign (%) following the devices to and from tolerance.

Calibration History

Displays a list of calibration work order results for calibration work orders for which the completion date falls within the specified start and end date. The results shown for each work order will be related to test points having the greatest deviation from the standard. Additionally, if more than one standard is used for the work order, the system prints each standard and its due date or lot expiration date on a separate line.

Capital Performance Evaluation

Displays for the selected equipment the outstanding capital request values for the selected period and for the future period and, if applicable, the GAS (Global Asset Sustainability) index for the equipment. This report also displays the correlation between the GAS index and the capital request.

CO2 Analysis

Displays CO2 reduction for equipment calculated for a specific date range. The reduction calculation can be based on the equipment efficiency (design versus actual) or on a comparison with last year's data.

CO2 Emissions

Displays equipment (in graphical form) in best and worst order based on CO2 emissions for the selected year and compares the data with the previous two years

CO2 Emissions by Greenhouse Gas chart

Print the CO2 equivalent emissions by greenhouse gas chart

Cost of Work Orders Per Equipment

Prints a list of work order costs per equipment

Degree Days vs. Energy Consumption

Displays the relationship between the heating and cooling degree days and energy consumption type

Degree Days vs. Energy Cost

Displays the relationship between the heating and cooling degree days and energy costs

Downtime Tracking Report

Displays a list of all work orders and/or equipment where Downtime Costs or Hours exist

Energy Star ratings chart

Print the energy star ratings chart report

Equipment Detail

Displays a list of equipment details

Equipment Depreciation Report

Prints a report of the total equipment depreciation expense and book value through the end date

Equipment Hierarchies

Prints a list of equipment hierarchies

Equipment History

Prints a report detailing the date and reason work was performed on an equipment or equipment type

Equipment List

Prints a summary list of equipment

Equipment Performance by Cost chart

Displays a graph that calculates the top 10 equipment with the greatest total work order costs for the selected dates

Equipment Performance by Downtime chart

Print the equipment performance by downtime chart

Equipment Planning

Print the equipment planned

Equipment Profile

Print details for a piece of equipment, or a list of work orders, or PM schedules associated to the equipment

Equipment Transfer Log

Displays an overview of transferred equipment. If the transferred equipment has any child equipment, the system also prints an overview of the child equipment

Fault Trend Analysis chart

Prints a report showing how often a piece of equipment failed and why

GAS index analysis chart

Displays the GAS (Global Asset Sustainability) index and the energy efficiency of equipment over a selected period and reports how much money was spent on each commodity (electricity, gas, water, etc.) consumed by that equipment

Hazard chart

Displays a list of hazards

List of Categories Per Class

Prints a list of equipment categories per class

List of Classes

Displays a list of classes

Mean Time between Failures

Displays the average time between failures

Mean Time Between Failures Per Equipment

Prints a report showing why a piece of equipment needed work and the time lag between failures

Meter History

Displays meter information and meter readings by piece of equipment

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Metrics

Overall Equipment Efficiency metric graph

PM Repair Cost chart

Prints the Preventive Maintenance work order repair costs chart report

Print Maintenance Pattern report

Print a maintenance pattern record

Print Reliability Survey report

Print the reliability survey report

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Equipment at Risk

Print RCM identified equipment at risk

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Risk Levels

Print RCM risk levels

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Potentially Yearly Savings

Print RCM estimated yearly savings

Reliability Calculations

Print the reliability calculations chart

Reliability Growth chart

Print the reliability chart

Risk Matrix

Print the RCM risk matrix

Table of Equipment With Custom Attributes

Prints a table of the technical details of equipment

Temperature Analysis chart

Analysis of Temperature versus energy consumption

Top 10 Breakdown

List of assets with the 10 most breakdowns

Total Annual Energy Use

Displays the annual energy usage report for one year as specified in the

Unreliability chart

Print the unreliability (failure probability) chart

Warranty Claims

Displays a list of claims filed against an equipment warranty

Warranty claims vs. Settlement chart

Generates the warranty claim vs. settlement chart based on the status of the warranty claim to Response Received

Weekly Booked Hours by Department

Print equipment details for a piece of equipment, with the option to print a list of work orders, PM schedules and parts associated to the equipment within a department

Work Order Cost by Equipment

Prints a list of work order costs by equipment

Work Order Cost by Type, Cost Code, or Department

Prints a list of work order cost, by work order type, cost code, or department

Work Order Cost of Equipment Per Location

Prints a list of equipment cost per location

Work Order Cost Summary

Includes itemized and total cost information (labor, materials, services, and tool costs) by equipment for open and closed work orders

Work Order Repair Costs chart

Prints the work order repair costs chart report