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HxGN EAM Barcoding enables you to configure and print barcode labels to identify almost any item, from equipment to employee badges. HxGN EAM Barcoding also enables you to reduce data entry time and improve the accuracy of many processes and activities associated with asset management by using barcode labels to identify items. You can then use barcode scanners to collect and transfer item information to and from HxGN EAM to better manage, identify, and track information within your organization. Barcode labeling can increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of issues and returns, and dramatically reduce the number of part shortages.

With HxGN EAM Barcoding you can:

  • Configure the data to display on barcode labels

  • Specify the page layout of barcode labels by selecting the unit of measure and label format

  • Establish server and proxy settings to use when downloading data

  • Design labels by specifying the label details, such as the fonts to use, the fields to display, and the barcode height

  • Preview barcode labels before printing them