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Approved Orders Awaiting Delivery

Prints a list of purchase orders that have been issued to suppliers but for which goods have not yet been received. The report includes the supplier, the date the purchase order was created, the related requisition, and the purchase order numbers.

List Of Blanket Orders

Prints a list of approved blanket orders and blanket order lines

List of Contract Classes

Prints a list of different contract classes

List of Debit Discounts

Prints a list of the debit discounts to expect

List of Existing Contracts

Prints an overview of current contracts

List of Invoices

Prints a report showing supplier invoice information

List of Purchases Under Contract

Prints a list of (open) purchase order lines

Pricing Variance

Displays a list of purchase orders where discrepancies exist between the purchase order and the invoice

Print Contract

Prints a copy of a contract

Print Purchase Order

Includes a purchase order header and both part and service line items. Includes an option to show dual currency totals. By default, the report selects the current revision of purchase orders with a status of "Ready for printing" or "Approved" and those that do not have "Printed" selected. Print purchase orders that do not have a status of "Ready for Printing" or "Approved," or those that already have "Printed" selected by specifying a purchase order number on the parameter form.

Purchase History Per Item/Supplier

Prints a report with all parts and work orders associated with a given supplier

Purchase History Per Purchase Order/Supplier

Prints a report with all purchase orders for a given supplier

Purchase Orders Awaiting Invoicing

Prints a list of purchase orders for goods that have been received but not yet invoiced. The report includes the related requisition and purchase order numbers, the part or service ordered, the outstanding quantity, the unit of measure for the items, and the order price per unit for goods or services.

Purchase Order Cost Summary

Displays cost information for purchase orders

Purchase Order Status

Displays a list of purchase order information including cost and receipt information with optional totals

Purchase Requisition

Prints a copy of a purchase requisition

Quotations Summary

Displays a summary of the quotations from all suppliers associated with an RFQ; allows you to easily compare all supplier responses received from quotations

Request Discount Based On Purchases

Prints a request to a supplier for the discount based on the purchase orders in the contract period

Request For Quotation

Prints quotations to send to suppliers

Request For Quotations Summary

Displays all suppliers, parts, and services that are associated with a Request for Quotations; displays additional awarded information for parts and services that have been awarded to a supplier

Vendor Lead Time Report

Print the vendor lead time report. The lead time report displays lead time information from all purchase orders related to the selected supplier