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The HxGN EAM project management module automates the administration of the complete project process from initial budget and time-scale planning to completion of the final work. Additionally, the project management module facilitates comparison of actual status and progress of work, resource usage, and costs against a project plan. It handles both actual and committed resources and costs.

A project consists of a group of work orders that are executed as a coherent whole with specific resource, cost, and time objectives. Projects can be simple or complex. Simple projects have just a few work orders that can be completed within one day; complex projects can include diverse, multifaceted work that takes months to complete and requires the coordination of thousands of work orders and resources. Use projects for shutdown or turnaround maintenance; for maintenance campaigns in which work orders on a unit or line are executed at one time; and for engineering or capital work. Projects often combine maintenance tasks with physical asset additions and modifications. Project work makes extensive use of resources, such as labor, parts, contractors, tools, equipment, and workshops.

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Project Planning and Organization

The project management module offers a multitude of planning and organization options. Record all pertinent information on any current, completed, or future projects, and divide projects into an unlimited number of subprojects. You can also include any number of work orders and purchase orders within each project. Then, assign budgets to each project and work order using materials and other resources that can be reserved and requisitioned against them. HxGN EAM tracks the progress and status of projects and work orders in relationship to budgets and plans. With the project management module, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Organize project, subproject, and work order structure with unlimited complexity

  • Estimate labor costs

  • Reserve and requisition materials, tools, equipment, and other resources

  • Create a master work order template

  • Generate purchase orders based on projects

  • Plan for shutdown projects

Project Budgeting

Each project has its own budget as well as its own work, resource, cost, and time plans; however, changes in requirements often impact the initial plans for a project. Within each work project, each task has an individual schedule that can be affected by the schedule of other work orders. Consequently, the careful monitoring and control of project work and each individual task helps control the difference between actual and committed costs. At the same time, the details of the work as well as the costs and resources associated with it must be accurately recorded to maintain a complete record of asset history.

The project management module helps you maintain project budget codes, estimate project budgets, and record budget changes and revisions.

Scheduling and Execution

Schedule and execute projects utilizing full work management features via project work orders. Schedule and execute work, track resource status and expenditures, monitor work completion, and allocate human resources.

Microsoft Project Interface

HxGN EAM incorporates a two-way integration of Microsoft (MS) Project with HxGN EAM. The HxGN EAM-MS Project Interface facilitates work order scheduling and resource assignment by allowing you to schedule work and resources in MS Project and then update the HxGN EAM database with the information.

Create scheduling projects in HxGN EAM to identify work orders and resources to export to MS Project. Import HxGN EAM data from within MS Project and then update schedule, resource, and duration information for work order activities. Export information back to HxGN EAM to update dates, estimated hours, and activity schedules. The Microsoft Project Interface facilitates work order scheduling and resource assignment by allowing you to schedule work and resources in MS Project and then update the HxGN EAM database with the information.