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HxGN EAM Mobile extends the functionality of HxGN EAM to handheld devices, laptop computers, and tablets by providing remote access to the HxGN EAM database. HxGN EAM Mobile is available for handhelds operating on one-quarter VGA display systems. HxGN EAM Mobile Full VGA is available for laptops and tablets.

Using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, you can view, add, update, and delete information and update the HxGN EAM database without having to work from a fixed terminal. HxGN EAM Mobile enables your maintenance personnel to remain in the field or on the floor while maintaining their access to the information and HxGN EAM functionality that they need to do their jobs on their mobile device. This technology provides them greater mobility and allows them to spend more time maintaining equipment, looking for problems, performing maintenance, and verifying performance rather than entering information into the system at a workstation.

HxGN EAM Mobile utilizes Web Services as the integration platform by which data can easily be transferred to and from a handheld device and stored within the HxGN EAM database. HxGN EAM Mobile runs on Android, iOS, and Windows based devices. HxGN EAM Mobile includes new features like the ability to view attachments such as CAD drawings, MSDS safety sheets, and maps.

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Work Orders

HxGN EAM Mobile enables users to download work orders from the HxGN EAM database to review and record performance data in the handheld device. Work orders are assigned to an individual user, which enables users to download a personalized listing of jobs to complete.

HxGN EAM Mobile work functionality enables you to perform the following actions:

  • Create work requests and work orders

  • View work order information, including task instructions, labor hours, parts, permits, attachments, and equipment details

  • Add or update work order activities and activity hours

  • Add, view, issue, and/or return work order activity required parts

  • Enter comments and custom fields

  • Update and close work orders

  • Start, stop, and reset work order activities

  • Distribute work based on assigning it at the header or activity level


HxGN EAM Mobile users can enter meter values into the system for all assigned equipment. Additionally, HxGN EAM Mobile automatically provides the appropriate unit of measure and meter name for each reading, ensuring accurate data collection and increased efficiency.

HxGN EAM Mobile equipment functionality enables you to perform the following actions:

  • Enter meter readings

  • Replace meters

  • View equipment information, including details, custom fields, comments, event history, meter reading history, and attachments


HxGN EAM Mobile interacts with barcode reading devices to facilitate the collection of current physical inventory information. Using a barcode reader, users can easily collect and record asset management data, including location, installation dates, warranty activation, and status changes. Using barcodes increases the accuracy of data recording and increases productivity and efficiency by enabling you to scan barcodes rather than manually entering part numbers. Barcode scanning also creates more consistent data entry when recording inventory counts, which improves system searches, asset performance analysis, and data overviews.

HxGN EAM Mobile materials functionality enables you to perform the following actions:

  • Enter and view stock-take physical quantities

  • Issue and return parts


HxGN EAM Mobile also increases the efficiency of collecting inspection results for route or ad-hoc based inspections. HxGN EAM Mobile automatically provides a list of inspection points to follow to ensure a thorough examination of equipment, processes, plans, and/or other items needing review. After completing an inspection, users may enter inspection results into HxGN EAM Mobile’s inspection result entry lines, which can be associated with existing work orders or added manually.

Additionally, HxGN EAM Mobile receives a set of operational instructions for data entry from the HxGN EAM database, as well as information relating to selected operations, such as an inspection. HxGN EAM Mobile also updates the entire system each time a user transmits entered or modified data to the HxGN EAM database. The process of transmitting data from the handheld device to the HxGN EAM database triggers a return transmission to HxGN EAM Mobile that updates previously loaded data, creating a true two-way, near real-time information exchange between HxGN EAM and HxGN EAM Mobile.

HxGN EAM Mobile inspections functionality enables you to perform the following actions:

  • Add equipment for inspection

  • Enter and update ad hoc and route inspection results


HxGN EAM Mobile provides a great deal of advanced functionality to aid users in compliance to regulatory constraints, requirements for specific data entry points, visibility of attachments, and a great deal of customer-based configuration. These features include:

21 CFR 11 (electronic signature) - Companies can conduct further validation on their business process as it impacts the execution of work orders as changes to work order status captures the required, and regulated, electronic signature.

Calibrations Data Entry - HxGN EAM Mobile serves as the input for calibration details for work orders with calibration elements.

Data Collection Prompts - HxGN EAM Mobile provides the ability for user-created prompts to be ported out to handheld devices. These user-created prompts provide a more thorough solution for organizations requiring a mobile solution to fit their data collection needs in business processes.

Screen Configuration - HxGN EAM Mobile administrators can configure the layout of certain detail screens, "hide" certain fields, and specify default values.

Synchronization Profile - HxGN EAM Mobile provides the ability to define what data is to be synchronized to the handheld device. This flexibility provides the ability to control the costs of operating in a wide area wireless environment.

Attachment Viewing - This connected luxury provides users with the ability to view attachments to equipment or work orders that contain graphical detail regarding the task at hand.