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HxGN EAM allows you to baseline, monitor, and compare the energy performance of your assets, calculating the energy intensity consumed by your assets. Support for green building standards like Energy Star, ASHRAE 90.1 and LEED. HxGN EAM provides you with full compliance with the International Energy Performance standards (ISO 14001). Monitor energy performance on all forms of energy: WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, and steam). Calculate CO2 emissions in accordance with the WRI GHG and ASHRE. Establish and monitor your corporate energy strategy, goals, and objectives in accordance with ISO 15001.

Module features

Module feature

Description of feature

GAS Index

The GAS Index is OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) multiplied with Energy Efficiency. HxGN EAM determines the latter for selected equipment by collecting data on the actual consumption of an energy source and comparing that with the design consumption of that same energy source.

Utility Bill

Just knowing how much energy is consumed by an asset does not mean much until you also apply costs. For that reason, HxGN EAM collects the utility bill and derives the utility rate from that bill. Actual consumption multiplied by utility rate is energy cost. Simple math but almost never converged into the maintenance strategy.

Green House Gases

Define greenhouse gases and associate these to the energy consumption of your operation. Based on the utility bills entered emissions will be calculated. Individual emissions of your equipment, providing energy consumption is tracked, can be reported as well.

Equivalency Evaluation

Base replacement decisions on the ‘complete picture.’ Mostly replacement decisions are solely based on maintenance (PM and breakdown) costs. Including equipment operational costs like energy consumption into the equation leads to a more complete picture and may cause equipment not ready for replacement based on the maintenance costs alone to become a replacement candidate due to the operational cost difference with the replacement equipment.

Energy Alerts

The following alerts are energy performance related and are pre-configured in HxGN EAM: power factor, peak demand, phase unbalance, utility invoice audit and missing utility invoices

Energy Star Integration

Energy consumption data is automatically uploaded to Portfolio Manager.

Temperature normalization

HxGN EAM calculates the energy intensity of your buildings normalized by temperature