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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart Review
CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review
12 (2018)

Accessories > CloudWorx > Clip Point Cloud > Fence

Hides all points inside or outside of a user-defined fence. Fence operations are independent of other functions that hide point clouds. A fence can be in the shape of a circle, rectangle, or polygon. To hide points inside of a fence:

  1. Click Accessories > CloudWorx > Clip Point Cloud > Fence, and then run one of the fence commands.

    The software prompts you to define points.

    • To define a rectangle fence, click the first corner, and then the diagonal corner.

    • To define a polygonal fence, click to form each point of a polygon until the fence shape closes.

    • To define a circular fence, click the center, and then the point on the circle.

  2. Use Clipping Manager to turn on or off clipping records, or use Reset Clipping to turn off clipping records of the active clipping group.

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