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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart Review
CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review
12 (2018)
  • You can now use rich 3D point clouds as a reference for higher quality results with SmartPlant Review.

  • Point cloud display and management provides control over displaying, hiding, and snapping to point clouds. You can selectively load and unload point clouds captured from different positions for improved visualization. Point clouds stored on layers in the Cyclone database can be managed by layers.

  • The CloudWorx Level of Detail (LOD) graphics system and intelligent memory management provide efficient loading, visualization, and navigation of large point clouds. Point cloud data can be rendered in its true color or as intensity-mapped.

  • You can compare 3D design data with point clouds and check for deviations or interferences of the design against the as-built facility data acquired via High-Definition Surveying (HDS).

  • Flexible viewing tools include support to selectively view and work with regions of interest using fence, slice, and volume clipping to hide user-defined areas of point clouds.

  • CloudWorx is built on the Cyclone Object Database Client/Server foundation, which enables efficient handling and concurrent sharing of large point cloud data sets over a network.

  • You can use CloudWorx with the optional Cyclone-SERVER product to allow several CAD seats to share large point cloud datasets in a workgroup environment. Cyclone-SERVER is available from Leica Geosystems, Inc.

  • You can also import point cloud data into the JetStream database. JetStream is a high-performance, streaming data server for HDS projects. JetStream imports data from Cyclone software and then sends that data for improved CloudWorx productivity.

  • CloudWorx can be used with Leica Geosystems HDS LLC. software products such as Cyclone-REGISTER, Cyclone-MODEL, and Cyclone-SURVEY, to convert point clouds into complete 3D models. You can use Cyclone COE (Cyclone Object Exchange) Data Transfer plug-ins to directly exchange data between Cyclone and CAD-based software.

Regions of points and entire clouds may be hidden, but you cannot delete points, move points, edit points, or otherwise modify the point cloud from within CloudWorx. Point clouds are read-only from CloudWorx.