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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart Review
CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review
12 (2018)

Accessories > CloudWorx > Set Load Limit

Sets the maximum number of points loaded by CloudWorx to protect CloudWorx from out-of-memory issues. It is related to the computer speed and memory capacity for performance. If the current viewport setting requires more points than the load limit, CloudWorx reduces the level of detail to comply with the limit.

Using this command with an open ModelSpace View, can affect Regenerate Point Cloud if the loading limit is met. For more information, see Regenerate Point Clouds.

A typical setting for a 2 GHZ+ CPU with 1GB memory is 8 (million). Do not use a setting less than 2.


  • If SmartPlant Review appears to slow down, check the Windows Task Manager to see if Spr.exe or CloudWorxSPR.exe is using more memory than the computer can support. If so, decrease the load limit. When you load huge 3D models into SmartPlant Review, make sure your computer can process cloud points up to the load limit.

  • If you see sparser points than expected after running Regenerate Point Clouds, the load limit has been met, or the Regen Factor is too high. Check if you can increase the load limit. If the load limit is relatively high, decrease the Regen Factor. For more information, see Regenerate Point Clouds and Set Regen Factor.