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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart Review
CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review
12 (2018)

Accessories > CloudWorx > Clip Point Cloud > Limit Box

Defines a 3D box beyond which points are not displayed or processed.

The limit box does not delete the points. Points outside the limit box is clipped from being loaded or displayed.

To define and place a limit box:

  1. In SmartPlant Review, open at least the Main view and the Plan view so that you can define a limit box. This is because the limit box is defined in camera/view space. The first two points determine the width and height on the image plane (the viewport). The last two points determine the near or far depth.

  2. Click Accessories > CloudWorx > Clip Point Cloud > Limit Box.

    The software prompts you to sequentially enter four data points to define a box.

    • Click the right mouse button at any time to cancel the operation.

    • Do not hold down the left button and drag the mouse. This invokes view manipulation but the data point is still accepted and might not be the intended input.

    • Use orthographic mode so that you can adjust the plan view for better positioning of the near and far clipping planes.

  3. Define two diagonal points in the Main view. If you click on the point cloud, the point snaps to the point cloud.

  4. Define the near and far clipping planes in the Plan view. If all the points are hidden after applying the limit box, then the limit box is defined in an incorrect position. In this case, use Clipping Manager to disable or delete the last clipping record (the limit box), and then try again.

  5. You can use Clipping Manager to turn on or off any clipping records, or use Reset Clipping to turn off all clipping records of the active clipping group. For more information, see Clipping Manager and Reset Clipping.