Scenario 2: Pick to support the Slice tool - CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart Review - Help

CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review Installation and Help

CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart Review
CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review
12 (2018)

You can pick points in the TruSpace window to define a slice. You must have at least two 3D points.

  1. Open a TruSpace viewer showing a specific feature.

  2. Enable View point synchronization.

  3. Enable 3D Point to use selections from TruSpace as 3D point inputs for regular CAD commands.

  4. From SmartPlant Review, select Accessories > CloudWorx > Clip Point Cloud > Slice, and then one of the Slice commands. For example, select X axis to define two parallel planes in which the normal direction is the X-axis. The software clips out all the points outside the two planes.

  5. Switch to the TruSpace viewer.

  6. Pick two points on the point cloud in the sequence in which to place the slice planes.
    Pick 3D points from the SmartPlant Review Main view.