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CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review
12 (2018)

Accessories > CloudWorx > Import ModelSpace View

In Cyclone, a point cloud resides in a ModelSpace, which in turn, resides in a database. A ModelSpace View is a set of viewing parameters for a ModelSpace. Many ModelSpace Views can be defined for an individual ModelSpace to provide control over aspects of the ModelSpace.

  1. From SmartPlant Review, click Accessories > CloudWorx > Import ModelSpace View.

    The Import ModelSpace View dialog box displays.

    • If you currently do not have a CloudWorx project open, the import creates a new CloudWorx project.

    • If you have a CloudWorx project open, confirm to import another ModelSpace View as a reference. Otherwise, close the current project.

  2. For Point Source, click Browse to select a ModelSpace View.
    If there are no ModelSpace Views configured, create one.

  3. Click Open.

    The software populates Point Source and Coordinate Systems based on your selection.

  4. Select a coordinate system.

    The Coordinate Systems list contains all saved coordinate systems attached to the source ModelSpace view. The selected coordinate system is mapped to the drawing WCS.

  5. Because units in a Cyclone database are internally stored in meters, select the appropriate drawing units to properly convert the point cloud data to the scale of your CAD drawing.

    The software scales all point coordinates within the point cloud to match your selection when the point cloud is loaded.

  6. Click OK to load the point cloud from the ModelSpace View.

  7. Use SmartPlant Review View > Fit > View to Model to see the entire scene, or use other view manipulation commands to view the points.

    CloudWorx updates the loaded point clouds to reflect any changes made in the source ModelSpace. Otherwise, create a unique ModelSpace and reserve it for CloudWorx use.

    The software loads the point clouds and other related data, including the clipping and coordinate systems. All of the user coordinate systems in the ModelSpace view are mapped to CAD user coordinate systems, prepended by "~". Any changes to the CAD user coordinate systems list are not saved in the Cyclone database when CloudWorx closes the ModelSpace View.