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CloudWorx for Intergraph Smart Review
CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review
12 (2018)

Accessories > CloudWorx > Import JetStream Point Cloud Data

JetStream is a high-performance, streaming data server for HDS projects. It imports data from Cyclone software and sends high-performance data to improve productivity for CloudWorx. JetStream’s high-speed data server allows instantaneous loading of point cloud data sets of any size. Full-density point cloud rendering is achieved in real time for panning, zooming, rotating, orbiting, and other interactions. JetStream Project Vault is an archive of project data. JetStream Project Vault provides a centralized project-sharing platform that simplifies multi-project work by streamlining project data management.

The JetStream option allows you to load JetStream projects into SmartPlant Review.

You must have JetStream 1.2 and Cyclone 9.1.4 installed on the server computer. You must also convert Cyclone-based point cloud data to JetStream projects, and then store them into JetStream ProjectVault using the JetStream Generator. For more information on converting the cyclone data to JetStream projects, refer to the software documentation delivered with Leica Cyclone.

Perform the following procedure to load the JetStream projects into SmartPlant Review:

  1. From SmartPlant Review, click Accessories > CloudWorx > Import JetStream Point Cloud Data.

    The Open JetStream Point Cloud dialog box displays. The software loads the cloud data from the server that can be added to a new project. If you already have a CloudWorx project open, close the project, and then start a new one.

  2. For Point Source, click Browse to select a JetStream project.

    The Change JetStream Server and Port dialog box displays.

  3. Type the JetStream Server Name and JetStream Server Port details in the respective text boxes.

    This is a one-time configuration step for loading the JetStream projects.

  4. Click OK.

    The Select JetStream Project dialog box displays.

  5. Select the required project to load, and then click OK.

    The software loads the selected project.

  6. Select a coordinate system from the Coordinate Systems in Point Source list.

    The Coordinate Systems in Point Source list contains all saved coordinate systems attached to the source JetStream project.

  7. Because units in a Cyclone database are internally stored in meters, select the appropriate Distance Units to convert the point cloud data to the scale of your CAD drawing.

    The software loads the point cloud and scales all point coordinates within the point cloud to match your selection.

  8. Click OK to load the point cloud from the JetStream project.

  9. Use SmartPlant Review View > Fit > View to Model to see the entire scene, or use other view manipulation commands to see the points.