Enable copy/down and csv import/export on Custom Content Pages - Version 2020 (10.0) - Hexagon

Smart Materials Web Installation (10.1)

Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version

The package HXGN_JS_CUSTOM can be used to enable Copy/Down and CSV Import/Export features on Custom Applications

The example below shows, how to allow

  • data import on application 1901 page 25,

  • context menu copy/down on application 1901 page 30,

  • both data import and copy/down on application 1901 page 45.

g_ig_data_import g_func := g_func(

'1901:25' => true,

'1901:45' => true


g_ig_context_menu g_func:= g_func(

'1901:30' => true,

'1901:45' => true


The custom Application Page Interactive Grid must have a static ID assigned in Apex designer. Without static id the grid cannot make use of the copy/down and csv import/export enhancements.