Login not possible after migrating - Version 2020 (10.0) - Hexagon

Smart Materials Web Installation (10.1)

Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version

If you have migrated Smart Materials from version 7.x or 8.x to 10.x and not used Smart Materials Web (Business Intelligence Reporting) with your previous version, you might face the problem that you are not able to login to Smart Materials Web. This could be caused by missing menuitem entries in the user role.

To add missing Smart Materials Web menuitems to a role, open SQL*Plus as M_SYS and perform the following commands (you will be prompted to enter the role name):

Insert INTO m_sys.m_appl_roles_menus

    (role_id, menuitem_id, query_only_ind)


  r.role_id as role_id,  m.menuitem_id as menuitem_id, 'N' as query_only_ind

FROM m_sys.m_appl_menus m, m_sys.m_appl_roles r

where menu_type = 'BI_REPORT'

and not exists (SELECT 1 from m_sys.m_appl_roles_menus rm where rm.role_id = r.role_id and rm.menuitem_id = m.menuitem_id)

and r.role_name = :role_name

and m.standard_ind = 'Y'

and m.menu_ind = 'Y';