Configure Apache Tomcat to support ORDS web service - Version 2020 (10.0) - Hexagon

Smart Materials Web Installation (10.1)

Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version
  1. On the Apache Tomcat server, download Oracle Rest Dataservices to c:\tmp.

  2. Extract to <apache_home> folder.

    For example: or the latest version.

    <apache_home>: c:\apache

  3. Create a ords_config directory to store ORDS configuration data in <apache_home>\<ords_config>.

  4. Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator.

  5. Perform the following steps to deploy Apache Tomcat:

    • Navigate to <apache_home>\<ords.version> in Windows Explorer.

    • Rename the file ords.war to apex.war.

    • Copy the file apex.war from the <apache_home>\<ords.version> directory to the <apache_home>\webapps\ directory.

  6. Change directory to <apache_home>\webapps\.

    For example: C:\Apache\webapps

  7. Execute the following command:

    Run: java -jar apex.war install advanced

  8. Enter the following information:

    • Location to store configuration: <apache_home>\ords_config

    • Database connection type to use: Type 1

    • Name of the database server [local host]: <your_database_server>

    • Database listen port [1521]

    • Database service name

    • Enter 1 if you want to verify/install Oracle REST Data Services schema or 2 to skip this step [1]

    • Database password for ORDS_PUBLIC_USER

    • Database password for SYS AS SYSDBA

    • Confirm the password

    • Default tablespace for ORDS_METADATA [SYSAUX]: Select default [sysaux]

    • Temporary tablespace for ORDS_METADATA [TEMP]: Select default [temp]

    • Default tablespace for ORDS_PUBLIC_USER [USER]: Select default [users]

    • Temporary tablespace for ORDS_PUBLIC_USER [TEMP]: Select default [temp]

    • If using Oracle Application Express or ......: Type 1

    • PL/SQL Gateway database user name [APEX_PUBLIC_USER]: Select the APEX_PUBLIC_USER.

    • Database password for APEX_PUBLIC_USER

    • Confirm password

    • Enter 1 to specify passwords for Application Express RESTful Services database users (APEX_LISTENER, APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER) ...: Type 1

    • Enter the database password for APEX_LISTENER

    • Confirm password

    • Database password for APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER

    • Confirm password

    • Enter a number to select a feature to enable ... : Type 3

    • Enter 1 if you wish to start in standalone mode or 2 to exit: Type 2

  9. Start SQLPLUS and connect as SYS user.

  10. Unlock all APEX and ORDS accounts and set the passwords as configured above (replace <..._password> accordingly):

    alter user apex_rest_public_user identified by <apex_rest_user_password>;

    alter user ords_public_user identified by <ords_public_user_password>;

    alter user apex_public_user identified by <apex_public_user_password>;

    alter user apex_listener identified by <apex_listener_password>;

    alter user apex_rest_public_user account unlock;

    alter user ords_public_user account unlock;

    alter user apex_public_user account unlock;

    alter user apex_listener account unlock;

  11. Check the configuration files at <apache_home>\<ords_config>\apex.

    There should be defaults.xml.

    These files should be in the conf subfolder:

    • Apex.xml

    • apex_al.xml

    • apex_pu.xml

    • apex_rt.xml

  12. Restart the TOMCAT service.

  13. Open the following URL in a browser:



    If problems occur, see Troubleshooting.