Printing from Smart Materials Web - Version 2020 (10.0) - Hexagon

Smart Materials Web Installation (10.1)

Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version
  1. To print a report from any Smart Materials Web screen, click the APEXPrintButton button next to the Quick Access box top right. The Print Configurations dialog opens as displayed below.


  2. Select a pre-defined print configuration from the Configuration list.

  3. If you want to change the selected configuration, click Edit and continue as described under the next step.

  4. Alternatively, click Create to create a new configuration on-the-fly. Continue as follows:

    1. Type a Configuration name.

    2. To specify this as the default configuration, select Default.

      SHARED Tip The default configuration is automatically selected on opening the Print Configuration dialog.

    3. Select a Menu Item from the list.

    4. The available Regions of the selected menu item are displayed.

      • Click APEXMoveAllIcon to move all to the right and thus adding them.

      • Alternatively, select menu items in the left box and click APEXRightArrowIcon to add.

      • To remove items, use APEXRemoveAll and APEXLeftArrowIcon.

        A print output can contain a single grid as region, or two regions with a master/detail relation, or even more regions of the page, including charts and others. Printable regions are listed under Menu Blocks on the Administration > Roles and Menus > Menus screen. Each region which shall be available for printing, needs to appear under Menu Blocks and must be marked with Yes in the Export column.

    5. Click Browse next to Template Name and select the template file.

      The template file is used to define the structure of the output.

      SHARED Tip When editing an existing configuration, the Download APEXDownloadIcon button can be used to download the uploaded template.

    6. Alternatively, click the Sample Template link and select a format to download a sample template file in the selected format.

      The sample templates contain comments and instructions on how to create templates, along with examples and the available tags that can be used when creating templates. A sample template cannot be used to serve as template, but must be adjusted according to your needs. For further guidance, see

    7. Select the Output Format from the radio group.

      The format of the template document must either match the selected output format, or the output can be converted to PDF or HTML. For example, you cannot use an Excel template document and select Word output format, or vice versa. The .xlsx, .docx, .pptx files can be rendered as PDF or HTML.

    8. Type the name of the output file in the Output Name box.

    9. Click Create.

  5. Click APEXExpandIcon to expand the print Options.

  6. If required, change the Output Name.

  7. Click Print.