APEX does not start - Version 2020 (10.0) - Hexagon

Smart Materials Web Installation (10.1)

Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version
  1. Check the Catalina.log file in <apache_home>\logs folder:

    Troubleshooting - APEX Not configured

  2. ORDS Configuration folder contains the apex.xml file.

    • Check the XML file. All the XML files contain the connection information for all the user accounts.

    • Check the defaults.xml file, if it fits the example below.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

      <!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "http://java.sun.com/dtd/properties.dtd">


      <comment>Saved on Tue Jun 26 08:31:49 CEST 2018</comment>

      <entry key="cache.caching">false</entry>

      <entry key="cache.directory">/tmp/apex/cache</entry>

      <entry key="cache.duration">days</entry>

      <entry key="cache.expiration">7</entry>

      <entry key="cache.maxEntries">500</entry>

      <entry key="cache.monitorInterval">60</entry>

      <entry key="cache.procedureNameList"/>

      <entry key="cache.type">lru</entry>

      <entry key="db.hostname">YOUR-SERVER-NAME</entry>

      <entry key="db.port">1521</entry>

      <entry key="db.servicename">YOUR-DATABASE-SERVICE-NAME</entry>

      <entry key="debug.debugger">false</entry>

      <entry key="debug.printDebugToScreen">false</entry>

      <entry key="error.keepErrorMessages">true</entry>

      <entry key="error.maxEntries">50</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.DriverType">thin</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.InactivityTimeout">1800</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.InitialLimit">10</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.MaxConnectionReuseCount">1000</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.MaxLimit">50</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.MaxStatementsLimit">10</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.MinLimit">1</entry>

      <entry key="jdbc.statementTimeout">900</entry>

      <entry key="log.logging">false</entry>

      <entry key="log.maxEntries">50</entry>

      <entry key="misc.compress"/>

      <entry key="misc.defaultPage">apex</entry>

      <entry key="security.disableDefaultExclusionList">false</entry>

      <entry key="security.maxEntries">2000</entry>

      <entry key="security.requestValidationFunction">wwv_flow_epg_include_modules.authorize</entry>

      <entry key="security.validationFunctionType">plsql</entry>


    • Verify whether you can connect with all the accounts.

    • Check the user mentioned in the XML file.

      Troubleshooting - XML File

  3. As a SYSDBA,

    Troubleshooting - SYSDBA

  4. Change the password that was configured during the APEX/ORDS installation:

    Troubleshooting - Change Password

  5. Check if you can login as the user (e.g. APEX_PUBLIC_USER)

  6. Navigate to the Apache Application Manager and reload APEX.

    Troubleshooting - Reload

  7. Check the Catalina.log file again. The following log indicates correct configuration:

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] . Validating pool: |apex||

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] . Pool: |apex|| is correctly configured

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] . Validating pool: |apex|al|

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] . Pool: |apex|al| is correctly configured

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] . Validating pool: |apex|pu|

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] . Pool: |apex|pu| is correctly configured

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] . Validating pool: |apex|rt|

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] . Pool: |apex|rt| is correctly configured

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] . Using configuration folder: C:\apache\Ords_Config\apex

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] . Oracle REST Data Services initialized

    Oracle REST Data Services version :

    Oracle REST Data Services server info: Apache Tomcat/8.5.24

    <Date> <Time> INFO [http-nio-9090-exec-17] org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.reload Reloading Context with name [/apex] is completed.