Linking Custom Content Pages into Smart Materials - Version 2020 (10.0) - Hexagon

Smart Materials Web Installation (10.1)

Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version
  1. Open Administration > Manage Custom Menu URLs.


  2. Select Yes in New Tab cell to specify that this page should open in a new tab or window (it depends on the browser and its settings if a new tab or a new window opens).

    By default, pages are opened replacing the previous content. If New Tab is set to Yes, the navigated page will not open in the same window. Independent of the New Tab setting, you can right-click a link and choose to open the page in a new window or new tab.

  3. If the custom page is a hosted Apex application page, you must set BI Internal to Yes. In this case, the URL must match the format [APPLICATION_ID:PAGE_ID], for example, 901:1.

    • Though it may not throw an error, it is not supported to use the same Menuitem Id or the same URL more than once.

    • URLs of external links must be prefixed with ‘http://’, for example,

A custom sample report is displayed below.