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When installing Intergraph Smart Licensing Client, the installation fails in some scenarios at the configuration connection info (.cci) file validation step of the installation, and you receive the following example message:

"Unable to contact"


This is a known restriction when the system is configured with all of the following conditions:

  • Intergraph Smart Licensing Client installed is version 14.01 update 8 or greater.

  • The network uses a proxy with Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD) enabled.

  • You are using a proxy.config with proxyType set to autodiscovery.

  • All Windows network proxy settings are turned off.

However, there are two solutions available for these scenarios so that you can successfully install the Intergraph Smart Licensing Client and validate the configuration connection info (.cci) file:

Work around solution 1

You can do a silent install without the configuration connection info (.cci) file and then load the configuration connection info (.cci) file separately using the Intergraph Smart Licensing Client.

Work around solution 2

You can enable Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD) in the Windows network proxy settings as follows:

  1. In Windows, click Start > Settings.

  2. In Windows Settings, select Network & Internet, and click Proxy.

  3. In Automatic proxy setup, enable the Automatically detect settings option to On.

  4. Ensure all other proxy settings are switched off, such as Use setup script and Manual proxy setup.

The Intergraph Smart Licensing Client installer will now validate the configuration connection info (.cci) file and successfully complete the installation.