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Request failed due to Date/Time Sync issue. See Intergraph Smart Licensing help Troubleshooting to fix the problem.


This message indicates that your date and/or time is not in sync with the date and/or time on the licensing server.

How can I check that my computer is set to the correct date or time?

You can check to see if your computers date and time setting is not in sync with the date and time setting on the licensing server by opening a Web Browser, such as Google Chrome, and searching for the correct date and time for the time zone set on your computer.

For example, if the correct time is 21:35pm for your time zone location, but your computer is showing 21:25pm, that is a ten (10) minute delay. You may need to stop the Windows Time service to manually set the time correctly.


  1. Open Control Panel, and search for "time".

  2. Click Date and Time.

  3. Click Change time zone, choose your time zone from the list, and click OK.

  4. Click Change date and time, select the correct date and time, and click OK.

The date and time should now be manually synced with your time zone.