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The launch option starts Smart Licensing Client, waits for the user to specify or confirm the client settings, and then starts the licensed application.

This option is helpful in Citrix environments to guarantee that the client settings are saved on the same computer from which the licensed application runs.


ISLClient.exe [-nocheck] [-keep] -launch <Application> [<ApplicationArguments>]




-n or -nocheck

Skips the network connectivity check when starting the Client. This process includes checking the communication with the client service, cloud data service, and keystores.

This is an optional parameter.

-k or -keep

Keeps Smart Licensing Client displayed after the user clicks Continue.

This is an optional parameter.

-l or -launch <Application>

Starts the application specified by a path and executable file name.

The -launch parameter must come after the -nocheck and -keep parameters, if they are used.


Specifies arguments for the application. These arguments are optional. For more information, see the documentation for your licensed application.

When using the client launch options, the Check Out, Check In, In Use, and Configuration tabs, as well as the Check for Updates and Settings commands are not available.

  • The Check Out and Check In tabs are not available, because checkout is not supported in a Citrix environment.

  • The Configuration tab is not available, because changing the configuration connection info (.cci) file could affect other users that are using the same Citrix system.

SHARED Tip The Client Settings, Status, and History tabs are available so users can specify settings and view status information and notification messages. The Obfuscation Info and About Intergraph Smart Licensing dialog boxes are also available.


  1. Launch Smart Licensing Client with the command line option.

  2. Specify a project and values for the custom fields, and click Continue.

The licensed application starts.


To launch Smart Licensing Client, and then start SmartSketch, type:

"C:\Program Files\Intergraph Smart Licensing\Client\ISLClient.exe" -launch "C:\Program Files\SmartSketch\SmartSketch.exe"

To launch Smart Licensing Client, start SmartSketch, and keep Smart Licensing Client displayed, type:

"C:\Program Files\Intergraph Smart Licensing\Client\ISLClient.exe" -keep -launch "C:\Program Files\SmartSketch\SmartSketch.exe"