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Intergraph Smart® Licensing is the next-generation software licensing product for Hexagon.

Smart Licensing Cloud contains servers with license keys. The cloud is connected to a portal web site, which can be accessed from a browser anywhere there is an internet connection. License administrators use the portal to set up configurations and generate license keys. Configurations control how users access licenses.

Smart Licensing Client is a small application that must be installed on each client computer where a licensed application is running.

In some products, such as SmartPlant Foundation and HxGN SDx, only one instance of the licensing client software needs to be installed for each SmartPlant Foundation or HxGN SDx server. This provides licensing for all clients that connect to the application server.

For more information, see License server setup for SmartPlant Foundation and License server setup for HxGN SDx.

A client computer is connected to the cloud for licensing using a configuration connection info (.cci) file.

This book contains the installation procedures for Smart Licensing.

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