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Installation & Upgrade

You can update a licensing client computer using the following methods:

  • Clicking a command in the Smart Licensing Client user interface

  • Running the installer with upgrade option

When there is only one or a small number of client computers, updating the software is often done interactively, by clicking commands in the user interface. When there are many client computers to update, most companies use a silent installation.

Updating a client using an interactive command

You must run Smart Licensing Client as an administrator to update the software using this procedure.

  1. Click > Check for Updates.

  2. Click Download, and then click Update.

SHARED Tip The update process preserves previously loaded configuration connection info (.cci) files, licenses in use, and notification messages.

If your network uses proxy and Smart Licensing Client 14.01.06 or a lower version is installed, you may not see the red dot to update to the current version of Smart Licensing Client. In such a scenario, we recommend you do not select Check for Updates command in the Smart Licensing Client to avoid the errors below:

  • An error occurred while checking for updates

  • Unable to download updates because the connection to https://ppm-clientsds-cust.hexagonsmartlicensing.com/download time out. Contact your IT administrator

Follow the below-mentioned steps as a workaround to upgrade Smart Licensing Client from version 14.01.06 or lower to the current version:

  1. Download the latest version of Smart Licensing Client from the Smart Community website.

  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file, and double-click the Smart Licensing Client Setup.exe.

  3. In the Welcome window, click Upgrade.

Updating a client using the installer with upgrade option

This method installs the latest Smart Licensing Client over the one already on the computer.

  1. Double-click Smart Licensing Client Setup.exe for the latest client.

  2. In the Welcome window, click Start Setup.

  3. Select Upgrade, and click Next.

  4. Proceed through the rest of the installation.

SHARED Tip You can also use this method in a silent installation. For more information, see Installing the software in silent mode.