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  • The Configuration Connection Info file has been corrupted. Select a different file.

  • The Configuration Connection Info file path is not valid. Provide a valid file path.

  • An error occurred while loading the Configuration Connection Info file.

  • The configuration is invalid.

  • Unable to contact Configuration Server (URL); could not load Configuration Connection Info

  • Unable to contact (URL)


These messages appear when there is a problem loading a configuration connection info (.cci) file. This situation can happen due to the following reasons:

  • The configuration connection info (.cci) file is not valid or is corrupted. For example, the file name extension used to be something other than .cci, and the file was renamed to have the file name extension .cci.

  • The configuration connection info (.cci) file cannot be accessed, perhaps due to file or folder permissions.

  • The configuration connection info (.cci) file points to a configuration that was removed from the Licensing Portal.

  • There was a problem connecting to the URL for the configuration server.

  • The configuration server is down or has been moved.

  • Proxy settings are not correct.

  • Ports are blocked.

  • The network is down.


Contact your licensing administrator and note which configuration connection info (.cci) file you were trying to load. You might need to load a different file.

For connectivity issues related to the configuration server or proxy settings, see Troubleshoot connectivity.

For more information, see Port assignments for Smart Licensing in the Intergraph Smart Licensing Network Connectivity Guide.