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Smart Construction (SPC)

The Smart Construction (SPC) tag provides Smart Construction client licensing for Smart Construction.


The SPCRead tag provides read-only access to Smart Construction. The tag is used when a user is related to the Smart Construction Viewer role or if a user is associated to a role that has the same access groups (or subset of) as the Smart Construction Viewer role.

If a read-only license is not available when a user tries to login, the system will try to use an SPC license for that user. If neither type of license is available, the login will fail.

Foundation Single User (FSU)

The Foundation Single User (FSU) tag provides Smart Construction administrator licensing for SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client. The FSU license is a named user license. You must add an entry to the SmartPlant Foundation License Manager perpet.dat file specifying the user account that is permitted to use the FSU license. The entry can be identified by SPF_single in the perpet.dat file. The file is located at [Drive]:\SmartPlant Foundation [version] Server Files\LicenseServers\[License Site Name].

The following is an example of a perpet.dat file containing one perpetual license (assigned to the superuser account) and one FSU license (assigned to the spcadmin account):

# First define the group `Perpetual'

GROUP SPF_perpetual superuser

# Define the group ‘Single’

GROUP SPF_single spcadmin

# Then INCLUDE the group

INCLUDE SPF_perpetual GROUP SPF_perpetual


One FSU license is included with your company's purchase, and only one user can use the license at a time. If licenses for additional SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client users are needed, you can purchase additional perpetual or daily tokens.

Smart Construction OnSite (SCO)

The Smart Construction OnSite tag (SCO) provides client licensing for the Smart Construction OnSite mobile app. Smart Construction OnSite is licensed on a daily user maximum basis.

The active session is 12 hours from your initial login to the app.