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Before installing Smart Construction, you must first install and set up SmartPlant Foundation and its prerequisite software.

Before you can install and set up Smart Construction, you must complete the installation and setup of all the SmartPlant Foundation sites you intend to use with Smart Construction. Also, you should confirm that you can log on to your SmartPlant Foundation site(s) before continuing. For instructions on SmartPlant Foundation installation, see Application Server Installation and Setup for SmartPlant Foundation.

If you already have SmartPlant Foundation installed and set up, you should ensure the current version and prerequisites satisfy the requirements for Smart Construction. For more information, see Smart Construction Hardware and Software Recommendations.

  • If you are configuring a system with multiple sites, see How to Configure Performance in order to properly configure a site with optimal performance.

  • For SmartPlant file formats, a printer named SmartPlant PDF Converter NNN (where NNN denotes the version number) is installed on the SmartPlant Foundation application server when SmartPlant Markup Plus is installed. This printer is used for PDF generation and should not be removed or used for any other purpose.

  • If you are configuring a system with the Smart Construction OnSite mobile app, you must have Smart Licensing installed on the Smart Construction server. SmartPlant Foundation 2019 can use one of two Hexagon licensing products - SmartPlant License Manager or Smart Licensing. We recommend that you use Smart Licensing when you are installing and setting up SmartPlant Foundation to work with Smart Construction.

  • If you are configuring a system with the Smart Construction OnSite mobile app, you must set up and configure SmartPlant Foundation API Services. Your authentication server must be set up to use SSL. For more information, see SmartPlant Foundation API Services Configuration.

  • Smart Construction uses shared object technology as its primary data model. For more information, see How to Configure the Authoring and Data Warehouse Models. If you have a need to use the Consolidated Data Warehouse (CDW) capability, CDW is supported. Smart Construction works in a CDW environment, but it does not make use of property consolidation. For more information, see How to Configure the Consolidated Data Warehouse.