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Use the SmartPlant Foundation Loader to load administrative files such as a Smart Construction menu, methods, and forms. We recommend you select to load the Current Load Model.xmlldr load file in order to load all administrative functionality. When you install Smart Construction for the first time, you must also load the files in the Current\004-Users folder to load the delivered Smart Construction users. You must load the files in the Current\005-ConfigDocuments folder to load the delivered configuration documents.

  1. Log on to SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client as an administrator.

  2. Click File > Loader to open the Loader dialog box.

  3. Browse to the administrative files in the LoadFiles folder in the Smart Construction installation location. For example, navigate to [Drive]:\Program Files\SmartConstruction\LoadFiles.

  4. Select the Current Load Model.xmlldr load file.

  5. If loading individual files, verify the files are in numerical order. The administrative files must be loaded in the order indicated by the number preceding the file name. Click Move Selected Item Up or Move Selected Item Down in the Selected load files window to put the files in a numerical order.

  6. Click Process. Results of the load display in the Processed load files list.

  7. Click Load Results to view load process details.

  8. Repeat steps 1-7 with the files in the Current\004-Users folder and the Current\005-ConfigDocuments folder.

To view the Smart Construction-specific menu in SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client, you must configure the Smart Construction Administrator role. See Configure the Smart Construction Administrator role for more information.