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Graphics cards designed for 3D intensive applications that generate low CPU overhead and meet the following requirements (AGP or better):

  • 32-bit main RGBA pixel buffer

  • Hardware OpenGL 2.1 support

  • Hardware Z buffer: 24 bit or higher

  • 256 MB RAM, 8-bit stencil buffer

  • Hardware Alpha blending support recommended to improve speed of translucent object display

  • Hardware Anti-aliasing support recommended

  • Use latest available drivers

Not all OpenGL graphics cards provide satisfactory results. Many of the recent generation video cards provide some level of OpenGL acceleration. Some manufacturers provide poor OpenGL drivers that can cause artifacts. Testing has shown that NVIDIA provides good drivers for its Geforce2 and beyond Graphics Processing Units (GPU). Cards with double-buffered overlay planes (such as the Wildcat cards) have an advantage because highlighting can be done without having to do saves and restores, which may benefit performance in specific cases.

See the Citrix documentation for more information on GPUs in a Citrix XenApp environment.

To take advantage of the performance enhancements available for viewing 3D models, your graphics card needs to have at least the minimum requirements listed below. Cards with less than the minimum requirements are supported; however, they might not be able to successfully use all the performance enhancements.


(for systems with large models)

OpenGL 2.0

OpenGL 2.1 or later

128 MB RAM

512 or more MB RAM

Additional requirements and/or recommendations for cards include:

  • In general, workstation-level graphics cards provide better overall performance with 3D model files than desktop graphics cards.

  • The card must be manufactured within the last three years.

  • Use updated drivers (at least within the last 6 months).