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If you are using Smart API Manager as your authentication server, follow the procedure in this subsection to register OnSite with Smart API Manager.

For information on how to use and configure Smart API Manager, see Welcome to Intergraph Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration. You may need the help of a Smart API Manager administrator to complete this procedure.

Register OnSite with SAM for Update 22 and earlier

If you are using a version of SmartPlant Foundation previous to Update 23, you must perform the following steps; if you are using Update 23 or later, you can skip these steps.

  1. Navigate to your Smart API Manager site (for example,

  2. Select Smart APIs and add a new Smart API.

  3. In the Register a Smart API window, select Specify the URL for the Smart API service description and enter the full URL of your Smart Construction site in the following format:


  4. After you click Next:

    1. Copy and paste the XML code snippet to a file so you can have it recorded for the next step in this procedure.

      Before you close this window, be sure to copy the XML code in this window and perform the next step.

    2. Edit the SmartPlant Foundation web.config file, pasting in the XML that you copied above to the appropriate section of the file.

      The XML snippet should look like this example:

      <service prefix="api/v1" id="2E2EE2EE2-22E2-3333-2222-1E4E4E2B3B3F"
      secret="pp3desmkmeo343m3+3**k{!PP9#Nn3ppnLKL^N" instance="">

    3. Edit the oauth security key shown below using the fully qualified URL of the Smart API Manager server, as in this example:

      <oauth issuer="" requiredScopes="ingr.api" />

    4. Click Finish.

For all Updates, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Select Smart Clients and select Generic Smart API Client - Authorization Code with PKCE.

  2. To the list of Post-Login Redirect URIs, add the following:


    If you are using an older version of OnSite (4.0.2 or earlier) you will need to format this URI as intergraph.smartconstruction.onsite://oauthCallback/.

  3. Select Groups and add a group for granting access to the new Smart API you created at the beginning of this procedure.

  4. Select Users and create the users who need to have access to OnSite.