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Use the SmartPlant Foundation Schema Import Wizard to import schema files into your Smart Construction project.

  1. Log on to SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client as an administrator.

  2. Click Administration > Schema Import Wizard in the Desktop Client.

  3. Browse to the schema location.

  4. Select a compare context option.

    We recommend you select the Compare content of selected files against all database items with a matching container ID option to compare your schema for Smart Construction.

  5. Click Browse on the Schema Import Wizard window to browse to the Smart Construction installation location and select 01_SPC_AuthoringSchema.xml in the 001-Schema folder (For example, browse to [Drive]:\Program Files\SmartConstruction\LoadFiles\Current\001-Schema).

    The other schema files in the folder will be installed in later procedures.

  6. Select a Compare Option. This step is optional.

  7. Click Next. The Comparison Results form displays. The totals (New, Updated, and Removed objects and relationships) are displayed at the bottom of the form.

  8. Select schema objects to import into your Smart Construction project. Select the check box next to each object name and click Next to import them one by one. Or, click Select All to import all objects, and click Next.

  9. Verify the correct schema objects were loaded into the Smart Construction site in the Review Changes window. Click Finish.

After loading schema changes, close SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client and recycle the Internet Information Services (IIS) application pools for your project's site. For more information on resetting IIS application pools, see IIS documentation.