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If users will need to view drawing files in the Web Client, you must ensure that your SmartPlant Foundation server setup is configured to allow for the generation of the special types of files that can be viewed in a web browser. And then you will need to perform a set of procedures to create these viewable files.

  1. Start with setting up and configuring viewable files. See Configure viewing for Hexagon PPM file types for details on how to prepare your server(s) for allowing viewing and how to create the viewable files.

  2. To enable view and markup on 2D files, refer to Configure marking up of Hexagon PPM 2D file types.

  3. If you need to generate new viewable files to replace existing files in the database, see Manually generate or regenerate WebGL viewer files for Hexagon PPM 2D and 3D files for more information. There are special procedures you need to perform in order to regenerate viewable files.