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  1. Start SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager.

    The Smart Construction Sites node is displayed in the tree view after Smart Construction has been installed on the SmartPlant Foundation application server.

  2. Select the Smart Construction Sites node and click New on the Server Manager toolbar.

    SHARED Tip You can also select the Smart Construction Sites node and click Edit > New or right-click the node and click New.

  3. On the New Smart Construction Site dialog box,

    1. Select a site to update from the list.

    2. Enable the Run database scripts? option and select all scripts.

    3. For an Oracle database, enable the Allow view(s) to be created? option and supply credentials for a database system user and password. This wizard will grant the create view privilege to the database user in order to create views and then revoke that privilege after the views have been created.

      Unless you have been directed otherwise by customer support, you should run all database scripts, and for an Oracle database, you should allow views to be created. Until all scripts have been run, site setup will be incomplete.

  4. Click Create.

    The site node is added under Smart Construction Sites. All server DLLs are installed on the site and configuration XML files are updated.

  5. Close SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager.

After creating the new Smart Construction site, close SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager and recycle the Internet Information Services (IIS) application pools for your project's site. For more information on resetting IIS application pools, see IIS documentation.

After installing the server DLLs and updating the configuration XML files, perform a backup of your SmartPlant Foundation database. For more information on backing up your database, see Backing Up and Restoring SmartPlant Foundation.

SHARED Tip If you cannot run database scripts now or if the operation fails, you can run them later. To run the scripts after the site has been created, select the site under the Smart Construction Sites node and select Tools > Run Database Script(s).