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Smart Construction OnSite is a mobile app on-site construction crews can use to reference work steps, view drawings and track progress for installation work packages. OnSite is available for Android devices.

Before you begin

Before you can set up and configure Smart Construction OnSite on your mobile device, you must make sure the following has been done:

  • You must set up and configure SmartPlant Foundation API Services. Your authentication server must be set up to use SSL. For more information, see SmartPlant Foundation API Services Configuration.

  • Update the SSL Settings property of the authentication server in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to ignore client certificates. Open IIS Manager, and navigate to Sites > [Web site name] ConfigSvc > SPFAuthentication. Open the the SSL Settings feature and under Client certificates select Ignore, if it is not already.

  • Smart Construction server and its prerequisite software must be installed and configured.

  • Smart Construction OnSite requires a connection to port 443 on the SmartPlant Foundation application server.

Important graphic Customers can use SPF credentials (or any other external identity provider) to log in with OnSite. To do so, they will need to add an “acr_values” setting with the identity provider’s ID to the onsite-settings.json file at the root of the SPFServer directory. For more information about the key "acr_values," refer to SSO (Single Sign-On).

Setting up and configuring Smart Construction OnSite

The following diagram illustrates the steps required to set up and configure a system to use Smart Construction OnSite.