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To install Smart Construction software in silent mode, use the installation executable file in a command line with the required information passed as arguments.

For example, the following commands install one of the Smart Construction software components alone:

SPC_setup.exe -silent -install ADDLOCAL=SPCCore,SPCClient SLAACCEPT=YES SERIALNUM=000000000 SERVERNAME=ServerName SERVERHOST=ServerVirDir

SPC_setup.exe -silent -install ADDLOCAL=SPCCore,SPCServer SLAACCEPT=YES SERIALNUM=000000000 SERVERNAME=ServerName SERVERHOST=ServerVirDir

To install both Smart Construction components, use the following command:

SPC_setup.exe -silent -install SLAACCEPT=YES ADDLOCAL=ALL SERIALNUM=000000000 SERVERNAME=ServerName SERVERHOST=ServerVirDir

All arguments and values are case-sensitive.

Required silent install parameters

-q, -quiet, -s, -silent

Runs in silent mode (no prompts).


Performs an installation.


Accepts the sales license agreement. Value must be YES.


Provides the product serial number.


Provides the name of the Smart Construction server.


Provides the virtual directory name of the Smart Construction site on the web server to which the client will connect.

Optional silent install parameters

-l, -log

Writes log information to a file.


Removes all installed components of the software.


Reinstalls all installed components of the software.


Specifies the components to be installed. Names are case-sensitive.

For both components, use ALL.

To install one of the components alone, use SPCCore with one of the following values separated by commas with no spaces, as shown:


Specifies a path to the location where the software is to be installed.


Specifies the list of features to be removed, separated by commas. Feature names are case-sensitive.


Provides the user name associated with the product serial number.


Provides the company name associated with the product serial number.