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You must run an administrative load file to update your site with the latest administrative functions in the new version of Smart Construction.

  1. Log on to SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client as an administrator.

  2. Click File > Loader to open the Loader dialog box.

  3. Browse to the administrative files in the LoadFiles folder in the Smart Construction installation location. For example, navigate to [Drive]:\Program Files\SmartConstruction\LoadFiles.

  4. Select the appropriate load file depending on what version you are upgrading from.

    For example, if you are upgrading from version 2019, select the Upgrade from SPC2019 Load Model.xmlldr load file.

  5. Click Process. The results of the load display in the Processed load files list.

  6. Click Load Results to view load process details.

Running the administrative load files can override any personalized access groups and security settings. For more information about access groups, see Configure Smart Construction Security.