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Intergraph Smart Construction Installation and Upgrade

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Users can connect to their Smart Construction project using Citrix. For information on using Smart Construction, see Intergraph Smart Construction Help.

  • In Smart Construction, reports display as PDFs and are opened from a URL on the client application. In order to properly view the report, the application requires elevated security permissions to open the report through the URL when using a temporary profile. You can change the CopyReportsLocal setting in the SPC.Client.exe.config file to True in order to copy the reports to the local machine. The report then opens using an installed PDF viewer. For more information, see Reports do not display in a Citrix environment.

  • If you are working in a virtual environment, we recommend that you disable the Motion Fly-To feature to improve your experience. For more information, see Change my preferences.

  • As a graphics intensive application, viewing 3D models with the Smart Construction client requires a high performance graphics processor (GPU) to perform well. When the client is hosted in a Citrix or RDP environment, this environment must include a GPU with proper configuration. Due to the demands on the GPU, each Citrix or RDP system may only be able to sufficiently serve a few client sessions concurrently when performing model visualizations. Consult server and data center vendors for proper server sizing.