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Intergraph Smart Construction Installation and Upgrade

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Intergraph Smart Construction
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  1. Configure the viewer streaming directory key:

    1. Browse to and open the SPC.Client.exe.config file. For example, browse to [Drive]:\Program Files\SmartConstruction\SPCClient.

    2. In the SPC.Client.exe.config.xml file, locate the <appSettings> node.

    3. Edit the value for the ViewerStreamingDirectory key to TEMP. For example, the key would be <add key="ViewerStreamingDirectory" value="TEMP" />.

    4. Save and close the SPC.Client.exe.config file.

  2. Create a shared installation on the network.

    To run Smart Construction software using Citrix, you must create a shared installation of the software, but this shared installation does not need to be installed on the Citrix server itself. It can be installed on another server and made available via the Citrix server using the shortcut you will create in the next step.

  3. Create a shortcut on the Citrix server.

    Because Smart Construction is a .NET application and requires no installation or registration on a computer for users to run it, you can create a shortcut to the shared installation on the desktop of the Citrix server. For more information about creating shortcuts to applications, see the Microsoft Windows Help.

    Users can then connect to the Citrix server and double-click the Smart Construction shortcut on the desktop to run the software. For more information about connecting to a Citrix server, see the Citrix documentation.