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Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise SmartPlant Adapter for Smart Instrumentation

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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation has a set of tables used by the SmartPlant Adapter that make up the SmartPlant integration foundation in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation. These tables are as follows:

  • Object_Def

  • Object_Interface_Def

  • Object_Def_Interface_Def

  • Object_Interface_Columns

  • Object_Registry

  • Object_Ref_Def

  • Object_Prop_Enum_Def

  • Object_Schema

  • Object_Schema_View

  • Import_Module

  • Tasks

  • Task_Properties

  • Object_Remote_UID_List

The following diagram depicts the relationship between most of the tables mentioned above and other important Intergraph Smart Instrumentation tables that are not Adapter-specific but are important for the Publish / Retrieve operations.