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A document in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation can be retrieved in two ways:

  • As published — Retrieves only the data that Intergraph Smart Instrumentation originally published, along with the selected revision and version of the document at the time of publishing. Retrieving ‘As published’ data retrieves the .xml file Intergraph Smart Instrumentation published from the appropriate SmartPlant Foundation vault.

  • With the latest data — Retrieves the latest data associated with the selected document in the SmartPlant Foundation database. If another, more-recently published document contains updates to objects in the selected document, the software retrieves the most current data in the SmartPlant Foundation database for those shared objects. When the latest data is retrieved, SmartPlant Foundation on generates an .xml file containing the published data.

When a document is retrieved with data, Intergraph Smart Instrumentation creates a set of tasks in the To Do List that can be run to update the plant database.

The following document types can be retrieved:

Document Type


Electrical Signals I/O lists

Retrieve Signals:

  • Create tasks for new Electrical Tags

  • Update tasks with changed properties

  • Delete tasks for deleted items

Electrical Power Element Report

Retrieve Instruments and Equipment

  • Update tasks with changed properties

Control System Configuration

Retrieve Control System Configurations (for example, DeltaV and Yokagawa)

  • Create tasks for new items

  • Update tasks with changed properties

  • Delete tasks for deleted items

Instrument Process Data Sheets

Retrieve Instrument Process Data from SmartPlant Foundation

  • Create tasks for new instruments

  • Update tasks with changed properties


Retrieve Schematics

  • View files only with revision data


Retrieve Instruments, Loops, Lines and Equipment from P&ID

  • Find Instrument to Line and Instrument to Equipment relationships

  • Correlate to existing items

  • Create tasks for new items

Names of instruments and loops created as per naming convention

  • Determine instrument types when undefined

  • Update tasks with changed properties

  • Delete tasks for deleted items

When performing Retrieve, properties from the SmartPlant Schema are mapped to the tool map schema.

When a Process Data document is retrieved, the following InterfaceDefs are hard-coded in the adapter and are selected according to the process function read from the SmartPlant Schema:

  • IAnalyzer

  • IControlValve

  • IFlow

  • IPDGeneral

    The IPDGENERAL interface definitions are used to retrieve Process Data. If you perform a custom mapping of properties that are associated with equipment such as a vessel, these properties are not saved to the PD_GENERAL table after retrieving to Intergraph Smart Instrumentation. This is because Equipment is an object that doesn’t have a relationship with the PD_GENERAL table. The To Do List displays the Equipment properties as update tasks and even reports that they were successfully updated but the PD_GENERAL table does not have the relevant fields for Equipment properties.

    To better understand the Process Data relationships, see Process Data and Calculations in the Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Entity Relationships Diagrams.pdf document.

  • ILevelInstrument

  • IPressure

  • IReliefValve

  • ITemperature

For more information about the Retrieve algorithm, see Correlation.