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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation allows a predefined list of documents to be published along with their data, while other documents can be published without data.

In order for data to be published with a document, mapping must exist between the Tool Schema’s properties and the SmartPlant Schema's properties. The mapping is done using the Schema Editor.

A published document with data can be described using the following pseudo code:

  1. Try to create a document object based on definitions present in the INtoolsMap.xml, SmartPlant Schema files, and the Intergraph Smart Instrumentation database.

  2. If the document cannot be created, then the document is not supported.

  3. Load the ContextMap.xml file.

  4. Get the Schema and document definition for the document’s ClassDef.

  5. Get data for the document based on its associated interfaces and the relevant Intergraph Smart Instrumentation database tables.

  6. Create a collection of objects associated with this document.

  7. Get the properties based on the collection of associated objects.

  8. Compare the properties with the list of properties required for publishing (passed over to the SmartPlant Adapter from Intergraph Smart Instrumentation) and publish only those needed.