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The SmartPlant Adapter can be manually configured in a very limited way.

There are specific flags that can change how the SmartPlant Adapter functions in certain cases. These flags are located in the Intools.ini file under the [API] section.

  1. Writelog – this flag enables or disables the internal log for the SmartPlant Adapter. A value of 3 enables logging while a value of 0 disables logging.

  2. NameSpacesReplacement – Objects in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation may have names containing spaces, for example, an instrument tag: 101-FE - 1.

    Yokagawa or DeltaV have the ability to work with spaces. When Intergraph Smart Instrumentation publishes objects; however, it omits extra spaces. A solution was provided by this flag.

    This flag substitutes the space with a character defined by the user. Yokagawa or DeltaV will retrieve this name containing the new characters instead of the spaces. Next time Intergraph Smart Instrumentation retrieves this item and encounters this character, it will know to replace the characters with spaces and return the name to its initial value.

    So, continuing the example, if NameSpacesReplacement = $, then the value published will be – 101-FE$$$-$$1.

  3. Disable any UOM — this preference is entered in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation > Preferences > Wiring > Custom. The parameter being Disable any UOM and the value equals 1. This disables the use of all UOMs except the default units for the region. For example, Kilos for Europe, Pounds for the United States.