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Every object in the Intergraph Smart Instrumentation schema that needs to be published must have a corresponding object in the SmartPlant Schema.

For the publish operation to succeed, every ClassDef Object in the tool map must have a relation with an associated SmartPlant Schema interface. This relation includes a UID1 attribute with the UID of the ClassDef object from the Tool and a UID2 attribute with the UID of the associated interface from the SmartPlant Schema. This relation is defined as a MapClassToClass relation.

Similarly, when retrieving a document, an opposite relation must exist in the tool map – ClassToMapClass. In this relation the UID1 attribute has the UID of the SmartPlant Schema interface and the UID2 attribute has the UID of the Tool's ClassDef.

The same guidelines go for other entities in the Schema Hierarchy.

Following is a list of necessary attributes needed in order to properly define an object both in the SmartPlant Schema and in the tool map.