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The SmartPlant Schema has the following hierarchy:






  • A ClassDef is equivalent to an object in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation (such as an Instrument, Loop, and so forth). A ClassDef can have several InterfaceDefs (interfaces) associated with it.

  • An InterfaceDef is a container for a set of properties or PropertyDefs.

  • An Enumerated List (EnumListDef) can be associated with several PropertyDefs.

  • An EnumListDef is actually a supporting table in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation.

  • EnumDef is the record in the EnumListDef.

Similarly, Intergraph Smart Instrumentation has the following hierarchy:






While the SmartPlant Schema recognizes an entity of type Interface underneath a ClassDef, in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation this type of entity does not exist. The way around this limitation is by using the Schema Editor to create a Class that has the property "Is Interface" set to True.

The SmartPlant Schema objects are mapped to corresponding objects in the tool. So, for example, the ClassDef in the SmartPlant Schema is mapped to the SPMapClassDef in the Tool Schema. A relationship between the tool class (SPMapClassDef) and the Schema Class (ClassDef) is called MapClassToClass.

A relation starting with the word ‘Map’ indicates that the direction of the relation is from the tool to the SmartPlant Schema.

The following is a summary of the relationships between Tool objects and Schema objects in the SmartPlant Schema.

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