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Below is a list of limitations and constraints imposed by the logic of the SmartPlant Adapter for Intergraph Smart Instrumentation.

  • DDP (Dimensional Data and Piping) – The DDP module in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation requires special handling when trying to retrieve / publish data.

    Each group in Intergraph Smart Instrumentation must have a corresponding group in the INtoolsMap schema.

    All the properties used are UDFs (User Defined Fields) only.

    When defining a new MapClass for DDP in the Schema Editor, the ‘Generalization Of’ property should include all available DDP groups.

    When mapping properties of a specific group these definitions are made in that group alone.

    When mapping properties common to all groups, the mapping is done in the Instrument object.

  • In order to overcome a problem in DeltaV when using MSS where the client is Version 2000 and the server is Version 2005, the following tables and their relevant primary keys are hard-coded:





    • PANEL







  • When initializing objects in the Adapter, the following objects are hard-coded and receive special attention:

    • Area

    • Unit

    • Function Block

    • Instrument Parameters

  • Naming Conventions – Intergraph Smart Instrumentation allows the definition of a broad range of naming conventions for a large set of objects.

    However, when publishing or retrieving data, the following objects must receive special attention:

    • Control System Tag

    • Instrument

    • Loop

      P&ID, SmartPlant Foundation, and Intergraph Smart Instrumentation must be synchronized when dealing with the above objects. Synchronization is achieved using the NamingConventionMap.xml file.

      This file ‘tells’ Intergraph Smart Instrumentation which interfaces and which properties it should use when either publishing or retrieving one of the above objects. These properties define the name of an object.

  • Process Data Sheets – Intergraph Smart Instrumentation can retrieve Process Data documents along with their data; however, it cannot publish these document types with data. Only the graphical version can be published.

  • Relationships – Upon publishing a document, the SmartPlant Adapter can only create relationships that are currently hard-coded. For more information, see Relationships.

  • Piping Connector Type – When publishing an Smart P&ID drawing to Intergraph Smart Instrumentation, the PipingConnector type must have a value.