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Synchronization is achieved as follows:

  1. The Metadata adapter loads the following schemas into memory:

    • SPIMetaDataExtension.xml

    • INtoolsMap.xml

  2. The Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Broker module is loaded.

  3. The Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Broker connects to the Intergraph Smart Instrumentation database.

  4. The Metadata Adapter compares the values of properties or select lists in theIntergraph Smart Instrumentation database with the values of properties in the INToolsMap.

  5. A report is displayed showing the values to be added or changed at each end and suggests a course of action.

    For Smart Instrumentation, the Description field and the Select Criteria field in the Advanced tab of the Set Active Configurations dialog box can be empty, but if one field contains a value the other field must have the same identical value.